cleaning. ew.

Since it’s Friday the 13th, I decided to share something utterly terrifying…my cleaning schedule. Now this is a very loose cleaning schedule…as in, I don’t follow it perfectly every week, but this is my perfect-week-everything-is-going-my-way-cleaning-schedule. I’m no clean freak (Casey would say otherwise…so would everyone that said Joel would come out of the womb knowing how to change his own diaper), but I do like stuff in it’s place and clutter-free. So, these are the things I try to do weekly (this falls under the mommy-blog portion of TheRehlingUnit).

rebecca's cleaning schedule-2



  • It’s no secret that I like a clean sink. I think any of my past roommates will tell you that tidbit of information about myself. In fact, I think I tried to go a whole week in college without doing the dishes because I was the only one doing them and it nearly killed me…and that is no exaggeration. Ok maybe it is. BUT IT WAS TORTURE (still not exaggerating). I digress. I basically do the dishes everyday throughout the day…Joel only has two bottle nipples anyways, so I definitely have to do the dishes everyday. Is “everyday” one word or two? I don’t care, I’m doing one.
  • I pick up around the house. I like things in it’s place, otherwise I can’t find it…so I usually don’t leave things lying around.
  • Our counter tops are made out of the world’s best camonite (camo + granite). It’s a thing, look it up. Wait, don’t waste your time looking it up, I made it up. Basically you can’t see ANYTHING left on the countertop, so I never know when it’s dirty. Week-old crumbs, raw chicken juices, the works.  So to be safe, I clean the countertops everyday…it’s a safety issue.
  • Since our pup is a shedder…only him, not me…I run the rumba every time I leave the house. I asked for a rumba for my birthday last year and that’s when I knew I was a real adult.

Monday & Tuesday:

  • I do all the laundry….towels, sheets, clothes, etc. I allotted two days for this because I start Monday and usually finish Tuesday and our clothes only smell like mildew half the time. jk.
  • Since I do Walmart pick up on Mondays, I usually clean out the fridge on Monday and throw away expired food or leftovers we never ate. oops.
  • Then I clean the outside and insides of the fridge and microwave. Do I ever clean the oven, you ask? The answer is simple: no.

Saturday & Sunday:

  • I vacuum because the poor rumba can’t pick up all the husky hair.
  • I clean the bathrooms, every part of them…though I still haven’t figured out how to get the hard water stains off our shower doors. So if you have a remedy for that, hollaatchagirl.


That’s basically it. If you’re noticing that a ton of stuff is missing, then you’re right…we never clean any of those. Like wut is a mop?



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