weekend recap

Weekend recap basically just means cute pictures, but I mean…whatever. I’m doing it anyway.

So this past weekend was pretty eventful in that a lot happened all at once. Friday night was nothing special, we just went to dinner and Target which…I guess Target really is like a date night to me. I think my perfect date would be like an unlimited spending amount at Target…BUT ANYWAYS, that’s all we did on Friday.


Saturday morning, Casey was working on my desk (tutorial to come soon) and I was carving a pumpkin to put Joel in naturally. So I finished scooping out the inside and had super slippery pumpkin hands…ok wait, now I’m just picturing: 0c7844d3b101eb86611d602cd598e356--scary-halloween-vintage-halloween

ANYWAYS. I was carving out the leg holes (the holes to put his chunky thighs through…he’s going to kill me when he’s older, isn’t it?) and my hand slipped and the knife sliced my finger right in the crease. Gross. So Casey goes inside to find me a shirt he didn’t mind getting blood on and the neighbors who we NEVER see decided to use that moment to come and talk to us because we were just outside in the driveway. So I’m just standing there with a bloody finger like NOTHING TO SEE HERE and Joel is in his exersaucer flirting with their high school daughter and I’m calling my mom to come watch Joel while we go and get me some stitches and we are just a hot mess. So yeah, that was our Saturday morning. I’ll spare you the gory pictures, but I mean…#worthit am I right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After my #fingerfiasco, we went over to Casey’s parent’s house and rode on the pontoon for a little bit since it was such a beautiful hot day. Joel enjoyed crawling around the boat and pretending to steer.

^^Casey likes his look of determination in the first picture.

And that’s our weekend recap. Nothing special, just a day in the life of clutzymcgee over here. I guess it wasn’t actually that eventful.

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