halloween brownies


Yesterday we went to a super cute Halloween party courtesy of Erik and Jamie Novitsky. I wanted to bring something that was super Halloween-y but super easy, because I’m most certainly not a baker…but I want it to look like I am. You get it? Good. I got the idea off Pinterest like all my other ideas.

Also, in true beginner blogger fashion, I didn’t take pictures of putting these together, just the finished product…so bear with me.

I started by making brownies from scratch a box. My favorite are the Ghiradelli double chocolate brownie mix…and no I have not tasted my fair share of boxed brownies mixes to figure that out. I used parchment paper in the 9×9 pan so that they would be easy to take out once cooled.

After they had cooled, I tried to cut them in rectangles to mimic the ground, obviously. Then Casey cut off the bottom part of the Milano cookies (double stuffed if you know what’s good for you) so that they would be easy to put in the brownies. I wrote RIP in black decorating gel which I had never used before so my RIPs got better at I kept writing.

Then we just put a little buttercream frosting on the back of those cute little already-bought-like-that-just-the-way-I-like-it ghosts (found at Walmart) and viola! Finished. The halloween brownies were super easy and a perfect yummy dessert because who doesn’t love brownies and cookies?


**This post is not sponsored by Walmart, but should be**

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