Hearth and Hand by Magnolia

Now I promised a post on some things from Hearth and Hand that I thought you can pass up on. I like to think I’m a practical person, so like I said in my last post, if I think I can find a similar product for cheaper then I won’t get something just because it’s brand name. Yes, there are certain brands I trust, but as far as home decor goes…I go for the cheap, cute stuff!

Here are some things I think aren’t worth the money by Hearth and Hand:

  1. These little house vase things? Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re super cute and would make a sweet little Christmas village with little lights and some greenery…BUT in the Target dollar spot this year, they had almost the exact same little white ceramic houses for $3. Can’t beat  that. I haven’t been able to find them in my Target yet, so if you have don’t tell me because I’ll be super jealous let me know where!
  2. This galvanized lantern is really cute, but even just a quick Google search showed my similar items for much cheaper. I feel like I see these all over Home Goods/Hobby Lobby any time I go.
  3. These stockings are super cute and reasonably priced. However, I don’t know about you, but I like my family stockings to match…so I think about if I have to get another (for yes, future babies) and Hearth and Hand has discontinued their line or maybe the line next Christmas don’t match this season’s line…then it would be a hassle to try and find stockings that go together that aren’t the same brand/line. Just my two cents.
  4. I thought this Christmas countdown was adorable, but when I saw it in person I thought, “What the heck can I fit in those tiny numbered envelopes…one single tic tac??” They’re so small you can barely fit a piece of chocolate in there. So if your purpose is to use it to put little trinkets in the pockets, good luck finding stuff small enough. This one has been a personal favorite of mine for years, but I’ve never gotten it…I think this year is the year!
  5. Both of the wreath hangers, I thought were pointless to get by H&H (yes I abbreviated it because we’re that close). There’s nothing special about them, so I think you can get a similar or cuter one somewhere else.
  6. I saw a galvanized tree collar at Walmart that looked exactly like this one by H&H, except around $20. So that’s why this made the list.

    So as promised, there’s a list of things by Hearth & Hand that I would definitely pass up. I hope Joanna takes no offense to my frugal home decor style, but I hope she understands.

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