Joel’s Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

I know what you’re thinking: Wow, did Joel really put this list of items together? And the truth is….yes. Yes he did.

No. He didn’t. Obviously. I mean, the kid’s smart, but he’s not that smart. These are just a few things that we put together for his birthday/Christmas this year that we thought he would be able to enjoy all the way through his next birthday/Christmas (since they’re so close together). Some of the items he won’t be able to use right away, but he’ll definitely use before he’s 2! So if you need ideas on what toys are good for a 1-2 year old, look no further!

Joel's Christmas Wishlist

  1. Ok so I’ve seen this kitchenette from IKEA all over Pinterest and I thought, hey that’s cute but we won’t have the room for it. And then we turned our front room into his playroom and have the perfect sized corner for this cute kitchen. I think he’ll get some good use out of it throughout the year and who knows, maybe he’ll grow up to be like his dad and be a really good cook so his wife doesn’t have to! Plus, it’s currently $70 (down from $100) with an IKEA Family membership (which is FREE).
  2. And since we’re on the IKEA kick, you can’t really beat 2 chairs and a table for $25. Both the kitchenette and table and chairs, we’re planning on painting. There’s IKEA hacks for these two items all over Pinterest…and they look fairly easy. I thought about a more durable table and chairs, but honestly, he’ll be coloring at it, eating on it, etc. so it’s going to get messed up, and I rather it be a cheap one than an expensive one!
  3. If your kid is like ours, he can’t get enough of the outside. In our backyard we have a perfect little area for a playhouse. The previous owners kind of carved out an area in the grass for it and put gravel and had one there…but anyways, Joel LOVES being outside. So I thought a playhouse would be perfect for him. I found this one online for a decent price. I definitely like the wooden playhouses over the plastic ones, just for a durability sake and the way it looks.
  4. This past summer we went to the Dallas Zoo twice thanks to our friend, Katie, who worked there in the summer and got us in for free! Joel wasn’t super aware of the animals unless they were directly in front of him…but I have a feeling he’d definitely notice them now and would love to see them again. So a zoo membership is a cool way of giving something without it being a toy!
  5. Joel really hasn’t gotten the hang of puzzles yet, but as a teacher at heart, I love using puzzles to play. So I put puzzles and the puzzle wire rack on his wishlist.
  6. This comes to no surprise if you know Joel. Apparently he has decided he wants to be a drummer because he drums his hands on EVERYTHING….the couch, the pew in church, the bathtub…you name it. So I put a tiny drum on his wishlist.
  7. Ok, his favorite things right now is water. Put him in a bathtub and he will splash and splash until you take him out. It’s actually hilarious. So I thought a water table would also be a fun addition to his outside area. It’s a fun way to play with water without getting completely wet in the pool.
  8. Lastly, I’m a sucker for baby shoes…and it actually might kill me that his shoes are going to need more stability when he starts walking than the cute little baby shoes do….and that he’ll start walking soon. I can’t. Anyways, I put these converse on his wishlist because they’re cute and they velcro…that’s it.

    Alright, I hope that was helpful if you’re looking for a gift for a 1-2 year old! I know before I became a mom, I had no idea what to get kids on their birthdays so I always defaulted to clothes because I love shopping for clothes…which I still do sometimes…but hopefully this at least gives you some ideas to help your Christmas shopping for a toddler (*cries inside*).

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