easy christmas diy

christmas decor diy

I promised easy diy projects because no one has time for complicated ones, so here it is! And again, in true beginner blogger fashion, I have no progress pictures. Maybe one of these days I’ll get the hang of it.

All you need is:
-butcher paper
-sharpies (preferably thick sharpies)
-command hook
-paper clips or tape
-christmas greenery/ribbon (if you want)
-good handwriting?

So all I did was cut off some butcher paper and made sure I would have enough for the top and bottom to fold up like a scroll. I taped it to the table (you’ll want a flat surface) and wrote the script in pencil and went over it in sharpie. I learned how to do calligraphy from this book. You should think about adding it to your Christmas wishlist if you’ve wanted to learn but didn’t know how! I love the way it explains it and I used tracing paper so I can use the book over and over again instead of writing in the actual book.

After I finished and was happy with the result, I paper clipped the top and bottom scroll on each side so it would stay…then I strung twine through the top scroll and tied a knot. I put a command hook on my wall because I don’t want to put a hole in a space that usually doesn’t have anything, so I had to figure out a way to cover the command hook. I had some leftover greenery from a wreath I was making so I tore off the limbs and attached them back to back with flower wire (what’s the technical term for that, Mel?…..it’s green and it’s wirey? I’m going to call it flower wire. It’s this. Floral wire…I was close). Then I tied a bow in big, wired Christmas ribbon and messed with it until I thought it covered the command hook as best as it could.

Sidenote: if a teacher was grading this like a “how-to” paper, I’d probably get a F. Wow.


I hope that was helpful! I think that’s the best it’s gonna get without progress pictures…one of these days, when I’m a seasoned blogger, I’ll remember to take pics. Also, don’t ask him how I’m going to store this after Christmas. I haven’t figured that out yet.

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