Joel’s Birth Story (part 1)


Because this cutie is one year old today, I decided to write out his birth story. I have mixed feelings between feeling so sad that this year has gone by so quickly, feeling relieved that we made it through 1 whole year, and feeling excited for the years to come. I may or may not have cried multiple times leading up to his first birthday. I just can’t believe it went by this quickly. Anyways, here we go!

I had just hit 38 weeks pregnant and on Friday, December 9th, 2016, I decided I really didn’t want to go back to work on Monday and deal with 20 second graders that were so excited/crazy for Christmas break. I had been having contractions in the middle of lessons and teaching from the fetal position (half joking, half completely serious) the week before and I made up my mind that I wanted to go into labor that weekend. Partly because of work, partly because my doctor was on-call that weekend and I definitely wanted her to be the one to deliver Joel, and partly because I didn’t want Joel’s birthday to be so close to Christmas.

So on Saturday, I set out on my mission to go into labor. Casey and I went to Grapevine Mills Mall and walked around the entire mall (which is a mile)…and doesn’t seem like long, but when you’re super pregnant, it feels like an eternity. I saw a bunch of super pregnant women and I like to secretly think they were trying to do the same thing and we were all in this together. I went home and played Just Dance for an hour, jumping around and dancing. Then that night I watched Brian Reagan stand up comedy, which had me belly laughing and still no such luck. I didn’t even have one tiny contraction that whole day. I was so bummed out and then thought that Joel will just come in his own timing.

Before going to bed, I googled: will you wake up if your water breaks while you’re asleep? Because I was genuinely curious…and I guess hopeful that it would happen? I fell asleep and not even 30 minutes later (like 11pm), I had a dream I was peeing and I woke up and had actually “peed” a little bit. This is probably TMI, but I don’t even care because it’s part of the story. It should also be known that it’s completely common for women to pee themselves while pregnant because a tiny human is using your bladder like a trampoline, but I hadn’t the entire pregnancy…so this was very uncommon for me. I woke Casey up and we didn’t even know the number for my doctor? Like…shouldn’t we have figured that out before hitting the 3rd trimester? Oops. So we finally figured it out and called my doctor after calling quite a few people and she said to go ahead and go to the hospital because it sounded like my water was leaking.

The ride to the hospital was the calmest ride ever. It was around midnight and no one was on the road. I think Casey and I were both kind of freaking out and trying to remain calm. We got to the Emergency side of the hospital and told them my water was leaking, they brought a wheelchair around to which I said “I mean…I can walk, do I have to??” The nurse said it was regulation, but I felt so dumb being perfectly fine and being wheeled around a hospital. She took us to the maternity ward where the nurse asked us a billion questions and in fact told me that my water was leaking and I didn’t just pee myself. Because it wasn’t completely broken, they wanted to monitor us for a little bit, so Casey and I took a walk around the hospital to try and get it to break. It was eerily quiet and dark and empty. After awhile, the nurse checked again and it looked like my amniotic sac had sealed itself back up…they called my doctor (who knew how badly I wanted to go into labor that weekend) and she said to go ahead and induce me. I was induced at 3AM.

At this point I was completely out of it and semi-blacked out (not true). So Casey is going to take it over from here.


After they told us they were going to admit us and induce me. Last family picture of 2.

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