2019 rehling family top ten

Hey, remember me? I used to blog and paid money for a domain name that I will never use apparently. And because I had an automatic payment set up (and forgot about it) and it charged me for 2019, I am back to blogging until I get bored and stop again…so here’s what we missed in 2019:

  1. The most important being that we welcomed our sweet Teresa Ann to our family this year on May 15, 2019. She weighed a whopping 9.5 pounds and came into the world with the biggest cheeks we’ve ever seen. She has since been referred to as a Cabbage Patch doll and I can’t say I disagree.
  2. Joel started preschool this year twice a week and is loving it. His teacher says that he has memorized every song/dance and couldn’t care less about craft time. 🙃 I so badly wanted him to be crafty like mom, but he would rather be outside and playing and running around like dad…so that’s ok, I guess.
    Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  3. Casey celebrated his 6th year at The Container Store making it easier for me to keep their home fairly organized while I utilize his store discount. How organized can you be with kids though?
  4. I am still working from home as a Transaction Coordinator and have also started a new job as an ESL private tutor to children in China. I have enjoyed teaching again and utilizing my talents…even if it is super early in the morning.
  5. We went on our 3rd annual beach trip with the Rehling family to Destin, Florida in August. Teresa enjoyed napping under the shade with the waves as her sound machine and Joel loved running around in the sand again this year!
  6. Joel turned 3 years old on December 11th and has since become much more opinionated as most “threenagers” are. His favorite hobbies are: watching the Aggies play football with Dad, going for a bike ride and crushing every acorn on the sidewalk, and watching the same episode of Paw Patrol over and over again.
  7. Teresa turned 7 months old on December 15th and her favorite hobbies are: screaming when hungry, rolling across the room to be closer to Mom, and bouncing in the jumper.
  8. I had my “Golden Birthday” (28th on the 28th) this year. My favorite hobbies are: strolling the aisles of Target without children, sleeping in until 7am, and spending time with her kids (during waking hours). 😉
  9. Casey turned 29 this year and his favorite hobbies are: working in his “wood shop” (aka the garage), praying for a better Aggie football season in 2020, and taking Joel to his favorite store (Home Depot).
  10. Dozer has taken kindly to all the tiny humans in his wolf den and continues to be the best family pup (minus all the shedding).


Get ready for much more blog posts in the year 2020 (and by more, I mean more than 0 because that’s how many I wrote in 2019). Merry Christmas, y’all!

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