weekend recap

Weekend recap basically just means cute pictures, but I mean…whatever. I’m doing it anyway.

So this past weekend was pretty eventful in that a lot happened all at once. Friday night was nothing special, we just went to dinner and Target which…I guess Target really is like a date night to me. I think my perfect date would be like an unlimited spending amount at Target…BUT ANYWAYS, that’s all we did on Friday.


Saturday morning, Casey was working on my desk (tutorial to come soon) and I was carving a pumpkin to put Joel in naturally. So I finished scooping out the inside and had super slippery pumpkin hands…ok wait, now I’m just picturing: 0c7844d3b101eb86611d602cd598e356--scary-halloween-vintage-halloween

ANYWAYS. I was carving out the leg holes (the holes to put his chunky thighs through…he’s going to kill me when he’s older, isn’t it?) and my hand slipped and the knife sliced my finger right in the crease. Gross. So Casey goes inside to find me a shirt he didn’t mind getting blood on and the neighbors who we NEVER see decided to use that moment to come and talk to us because we were just outside in the driveway. So I’m just standing there with a bloody finger like NOTHING TO SEE HERE and Joel is in his exersaucer flirting with their high school daughter and I’m calling my mom to come watch Joel while we go and get me some stitches and we are just a hot mess. So yeah, that was our Saturday morning. I’ll spare you the gory pictures, but I mean…#worthit am I right?

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After my #fingerfiasco, we went over to Casey’s parent’s house and rode on the pontoon for a little bit since it was such a beautiful hot day. Joel enjoyed crawling around the boat and pretending to steer.

^^Casey likes his look of determination in the first picture.

And that’s our weekend recap. Nothing special, just a day in the life of clutzymcgee over here. I guess it wasn’t actually that eventful.

cleaning. ew.

Since it’s Friday the 13th, I decided to share something utterly terrifying…my cleaning schedule. Now this is a very loose cleaning schedule…as in, I don’t follow it perfectly every week, but this is my perfect-week-everything-is-going-my-way-cleaning-schedule. I’m no clean freak (Casey would say otherwise…so would everyone that said Joel would come out of the womb knowing how to change his own diaper), but I do like stuff in it’s place and clutter-free. So, these are the things I try to do weekly (this falls under the mommy-blog portion of TheRehlingUnit).

rebecca's cleaning schedule-2



  • It’s no secret that I like a clean sink. I think any of my past roommates will tell you that tidbit of information about myself. In fact, I think I tried to go a whole week in college without doing the dishes because I was the only one doing them and it nearly killed me…and that is no exaggeration. Ok maybe it is. BUT IT WAS TORTURE (still not exaggerating). I digress. I basically do the dishes everyday throughout the day…Joel only has two bottle nipples anyways, so I definitely have to do the dishes everyday. Is “everyday” one word or two? I don’t care, I’m doing one.
  • I pick up around the house. I like things in it’s place, otherwise I can’t find it…so I usually don’t leave things lying around.
  • Our counter tops are made out of the world’s best camonite (camo + granite). It’s a thing, look it up. Wait, don’t waste your time looking it up, I made it up. Basically you can’t see ANYTHING left on the countertop, so I never know when it’s dirty. Week-old crumbs, raw chicken juices, the works.  So to be safe, I clean the countertops everyday…it’s a safety issue.
  • Since our pup is a shedder…only him, not me…I run the rumba every time I leave the house. I asked for a rumba for my birthday last year and that’s when I knew I was a real adult.

Monday & Tuesday:

  • I do all the laundry….towels, sheets, clothes, etc. I allotted two days for this because I start Monday and usually finish Tuesday and our clothes only smell like mildew half the time. jk.
  • Since I do Walmart pick up on Mondays, I usually clean out the fridge on Monday and throw away expired food or leftovers we never ate. oops.
  • Then I clean the outside and insides of the fridge and microwave. Do I ever clean the oven, you ask? The answer is simple: no.

Saturday & Sunday:

  • I vacuum because the poor rumba can’t pick up all the husky hair.
  • I clean the bathrooms, every part of them…though I still haven’t figured out how to get the hard water stains off our shower doors. So if you have a remedy for that, hollaatchagirl.


That’s basically it. If you’re noticing that a ton of stuff is missing, then you’re right…we never clean any of those. Like wut is a mop?



Blog Resurrected

Welp. I finally brought the ol’ bloggy back. Get excited.


For those of you that are reading this and wondering where it went: I made my first blog when I spent a summer in Panama teaching in an elementary school (His Quart of Grace) and then promised to keep up with it when I got home….welp…one can dream. It’s been like 4 years since I’ve blogged and there are some things I missed and some I didn’t. I never wanted it to feel like a chore or something I had to do and it started to feel like that so I stopped. Plus my daily life wasn’t that exciting to blog about every week….and it still isn’t…except now I have a cute baby so when in doubt, I’ll just post a picture of him.

I write like I talk. So excuse the poor grammatical mistakes now.

I have some blog ideas in the works, but it may take me a few posts to really get the creative juices flowing so sit back, relax, and feel free to make fun of all our throwback pictures because there’s bound to be a ton.

Go check out the about and our story page to get to know us more! Also, get ready for all the gifs because they are my love language.